The Workshops

Creative Writing Summer Camps


Grades 1-2


We burst with excitement and joy as we allow our imaginations to run wild writing from inspiration and completing fun activities to access it. We will read and discuss stories and poetry together, learn the story structure, and write our own creating picture books and poems. 


Grades 3-5


Together we learn the art of novel writing. Students will be guided through imaginative exercises and learn to harness ideas for stories going on visualization adventures to tap into intuition and inspiration. We will also read together studying literature from the writer’s perspective, and learn how to share our authentic voices.



Grades 6-8


We will focus on the hero’s journey as a story structure that reflects our lives as we are coming of age. We will read stories that follow this structure from the writer’s perspective to learn how to express our individual journeys in either a fictional story or creative non-fiction structures such as the memoir, or personal essay. We will use mindfulness techniques that allow us to tap into our authentic voice and remove any blocks.


Grades 9-12


We will learn and explore writing in a variety of genres discovering our personal passion project and mission. We will read influential writings from the writer’s perspective that shaped our world, so we can emulate them in our own work. We will use mindfulness techniques that allow us to tap into our authentic voice and remove any blocks.


Mindset and Transformation Workshops


Chapter's 1 & 2: 

Grades: 1-2; Grades 3-5

During this exciting developmental stage, children are learning to communicate, and begin sharing what is going on inside of them. They are developing self awareness, understanding the world through questioning, accepting differences of opinion, language and thinking development, and social and emotional development. As school shifts, they may begin having desires to be perfect, or begin becoming self-critical sometimes comparing themselves to others. Fear, shame, and grief may also begin developing. They may learn to deaden their voice or hold it in out of fear, which inhibits creativity and expression. As such, this workshop is specially designed to nurture children's developing voices by encouraging questioning, exploration and immersion into myth from diverse cultures and perspectives, and sacred sharing. Children will learn how to unleash their imaginations through free flowing immersive prompts using movement, art, music and play. They will then learn to harness this onto the page by learning organized structures for creative expression. As we advance, children will be encouraged to break the rules, and change forms to suit their own purposes. Children will practice openly sharing their truth from the heart without fear of being wrong or rejected, learning to embrace "failure" as feedback for new ideas, and learning to hold space respectively for others. We also will explore and imagine spirit animals, discovering the magic of animal medicine in folk-lore and our world. All workshops are customized to the group of individuals in the course, and crafted to serve their souls. 


Chapter 3: 

grades 6-8

Middle School is the wondrous transition between childhood and adolescence. Hormones are ablaze, and major physical changes are taking place, while problem solving skills, flexible thinking, analysis, establishing individuality and personal value systems begin to strengthen. Children may begin trying on new styles, they may begin keeping secrets or not sharing as much with their families, and they also may pick up new hobbies. As the brain and body are experiencing such a surge of energy during these years, they may require more sleep, and they will also most likely remember any skill they learn for the rest of their lives. In these workshops, there is a continuation of the work from the earlier stages in developing their authentic voices. We will also nurture and develop their imaginations using role playing myth games like Dungeons and Dragons to support with imaginative problem solving, organizing, prioritizing and creating sound proposals, arguments and solutions to the worldly events and issues that interest them. Students will form a close-knit tribe with one another, so they can develop healthy communication and relationship building skills learning to create empowering communities or networks of positive influences. We will study myths and characters that are going through the same age of transformation, and students will write fiction, non-fiction and poetry to express their own. 

Chapter 4: 

grades 9-12

At this final stage of adolescent development, teens are pulling away from what's been given to them and starting to think for themselves. They are beginning to really imagine their life's purpose, the deeper meaning behind their existence, their identities, and where they imagine themselves going next as they prepare to leave the nest, and enter adulthood. There can be a lot of boundary testing, resistance or fear, experimentation, trying on different styles of being, desires to alter their minds, and explore aspects of adult life for the first time. They may be able to discover the character archetypes that are guiding their lives through self reflection. The "third-eye" is developed during this time: the place of dreaming, intuition, insight, learning to see clearly beyond the surface of things, the patterns that connect and the big picture. They may start questioning why they need school or why what they are learning is relevant to them at all. In these workshops, the life visioning framework is put into place. Our organizing questions are how do things work together, how do we see beyond ourselves, how do we make our lives bigger, how do we see what people are doing on the other side of the world, how do we learn to examine and self-reflect clearly without judgement to see what's there? How do we see the light in ourselves and in each other?  What motivates us, how is everything connected, how do I advocate for myself and manifest the life I want to define success in my unique way? A big task for us to learn at this stage is to see ourselves and others clearly and how we fit into the bigger picture. We learn that by creating a strong vision that is birthed from our intuition and the inner awareness of our soul power, we will be pulled through any challenge along the way, grateful for the lessons and development they provide for us. We choose to see the positive in everything, to love ourselves and others unconditionally, to create self discipline practices and daily routines grounded in graditude that serve our highest good. We become committed to making sound choices that serve our bliss and truth. We discover where our resistance and fears come in and uncover the limiting belief systems behind them ultimately rewiring our minds to limitless potential. We learn again from myth and the great philosophers and teachers of wisdom in our world.  We explore the hero's journey and see how it is just like our own. We create vision boards and purpose statements, and discover ways to unleash our authenticity to create unique and powerful expressions to influence our communities. Students will form a strong tribe with one another and will be encouraged to share their insights, epiphanies, and ideas in a supportive manner, and they will practice deep listening from the heart. We will learn meditation, yoga, and other methods of healthy and safe transcendence such as exploring in nature, so  that our insights, and dreams can be integrated and grounded into positive action plans and goals. 

The Parent/Adult Workshop:

Do any of the workshop descriptions above sound like something you'd like to practice in your own life? All of this work is so important for us to model as adults and parents so that we can be the best spirit guides for our children and assist in creating positive changes in our communities. In these workshops, we will learn life-visioning, soul discovery and integration, and develop the daily practices and routines to create incredible transformations that bring us back to our truth, and build the confidence, courage and enthusiasm to stay in it. Members are encouraged to connect with each other to form a supportive community that can hold space for each other on our journeys to self-discovery and actualization.

Private Lessons:

Private Lessons are available for all ages. In private lessons, personalized coaching is offered to help individuals to work through challenges and rewire limiting belief systems, routines and patterns. Private lessons are also offered for writing and English.

School or Organizational Workshops:

Caitlyn offers workshops to educators and organizations in topics such as, Get Your Students Started on Writing, Teaching The Hero's Journey, Life-Visioning for Teens and Children, and more. Workshops can be created or customized by request based on the needs of the organization or school community.


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