Home School Classes 

We offer forest school classes to home schoolers looking to engage with STEAM objectives through inquiry, exploration and play.


We offer classes for ages 3-18 in age-appropriate cohorts. Our classes run Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and weekend events and activities are available. 

Creative Writing & Storytelling

We get inspired to create and write stories by taking in the nature around us allowing it to be a portal between worlds. We also use myth, storytelling and imaginative play to make connections between all subjects. This curriculum also allows students to connect more deeply with themselves and each other.

Fort & Fire Building

We use nature to build. This course not only strengthens the imagination, but it also teaches healthy risk taking and covers STEAM initiatives. We will learn how to build fires safety as well as indigenous wisdom surrounding fire and fire keeping.


We have many wild edible plants and gardens on the land. We will learn to grow food, flowers and trees. 

Hiking, foraging, forest games

During our hikes on the land, we will identify edible and medicinal plants, herbs and fungi. Kids will also engage in and create games along the trail.